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CertifID Alert & Update

Updated: Mar 29

We utilize CertifID to safeguard our transactions and just got this alert that we wanted to share with you:

We've recently seen cases of real estate agents being phished for Instagram credentials using a fake CertifID webpage. Here's what the attack might look like:
An "investor" approaches your real estate agent stating that they require the use of CertifID to verify a transaction.
They'll send that agent a link to a website with CertifID messaging, asking them to log in using their Instagram account.
Asking to log into Instagram is something the CertifID service would never require. However, an unsuspecting Real Estate Agent might fall for this and give up credentials that could compromise them.
Please alert your employees and referral partners that we never ask for Instagram credentials. Also, alert us immediately if you see this scam impact anyone in your network.
We are not aware of any of the victims getting further targeted with account takeover, ransomware, or impersonation fraud. However, the situation is evolving real time, and being proactive in education can help mitigate the risks.

If you have any questions regarding this alert or CertifID, please reach out to us we'll assist you!


We are also happy to share that for the month of February, our team secured millions of dollars, keeping your company and customers safe from cyber criminals. Using CertifID eliminates risk and gives all parties peace of mind.


Total Funds Protected & Insured for February 2024

(Estimates $85,000 per wire for any unknown wire amounts)

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