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ClosePoint USA, LLC

ClosePoint USA, LLC is a Licensed and insured Professional Settlement Company in the State of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. ClosePoint USA is actively working to expand its services to every State east of the Mississippi. ClosePoint USA is dedicated to the Settlement Division to our affiliated Title Agencies. ClosePoint USA’s mission is to aggregate their human resources and technology to provide an efficient and seamless closing process for the Buyer and Seller as well as our partnered Title Agencies, Referral Partners, Attorneys and Lenders. We offer services from examining title abstracts, preparing the Closing Disclosure, coordinating the closing and funding the transaction through our secure escrow accounts. We choose the name ClosePoint USA, LLC for its definition of completing the real estate transaction cycle from start to finish to an exact point.


Close Point Defined: When you create a closed curve, the point at which the curve starts and ends is called the close point. It consists of two coincident points.




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Christopher J. Brown

Title Officer & CEO

ClosePoint USA, LLC’s CEO is Christopher “Chris” Brown, a resident of the State of New Jersey and a NJ and PA Licensed Title Officer of 23 years. Chris, a Graduate of The College of New Jersey, started working for a Real Estate Law Firm in Somerset County while attending Fairleigh Dickinson University’s postgraduate Business Law Program. During this time, Chris learned and gained experience from examining title abstracts, preparing and closing both residential and commercial real estate transactions as well as managing the Attorney Trust Account. In 1998 Chis then decided to open his first title agency, Guardian Settlement Agents, Inc., which is still operating today and provides title policies to Buyers and Lenders. Chris then decided to expand from the Central Jersey area and opened his second location in Marlton, New Jersey. Today, Chris now manages multiple title agencies and partnerships throughout the State of NJ, where his companies have closed and insured more than 40,000 transactions.  While developing and expanding his companies, Chris was also an local Elected Official, County Elected Official and a NJ State Assemblyman representing the 8th Legislative District. Today, Chris focuses his time on being a Husband to his High School Sweetheart, a Father to his four (4) sons and the CEO of ClosePoint USA, LLC. If you’re interested in learning more about ClosePoint USA and all operations, click here


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Dawn H.

Settlement Manager

Dawn H. is a Licensed Title Officer in the State of NJ and has been with the Company for over 12 years as a Settlement Manager. Dawn is an expert in preparing and closing both residential and commercial real estate transactions and prides herself on providing superior customer service to our referral Partners, Buyers and Sellers.  Dawn resides in Southern NJ with her Husband James and her two active sons.  If you are interested in title settlement services, click here

Marisa R.

Settlement Manager

Marisa R. is an experienced Real Estate Paralegal with tremendous experience in document preparation, preparation of the Closing Disclosure and clearing title defects.  Marisa compliments her experience with excellent communication skills.  Marisa currently resides in Central Jersey and enjoys traveling.  If you require title settlement services or a title quote, click here

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Lisa C.

Settlement Manager

Lisa C. is a Licensed Title Officer in the State of NJ and has over 14 years of experience in the Title Industry.  Lisa’s experience and dedication to our Referral Partners, Buyer and Sellers sets her as a top provider of real estate settlement services for multiple States.  Lisa currently resides in the South Jersey area with her Husband and Children. If you require settlement services in the State of NJ and PA, click here

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Arlene H.

Settlement Manager

Arlene H. is a Licensed Title Officer in the State of NJ and has over 8 years of title and settlement experience.  Arlene’s ability to quickly analyze a situation and provide a solution or resolution to a title or closing challenge is her greatest strength to our Title Team.  Arlene currently resides in Central Jersey, is married and currently has two children. If you’re in need of a Settlement Manager for your purchase or refinance transaction, click here


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Ryan M.

Title Officer/Business Development


John Papa

Title Officer/Business Development


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Angela H.

Recording and Policy Manager

Angela has 20 years of title experience and happens to be the most organized professional that you will ever come across.  She oversees the recording and issuance of our Lenders’ and Owners’ Title Policies and has an amazing relationship with all of the County Clerks’ Offices  in the State of New Jersey.  Angela currently resides in South Jersey and is a huge Steelers Fan.  If you need a copy of your recorded documents or title insurance policy, click here


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Michelle D.

Funding Manager

Michelle has over 10 years of logistics experience and has applied her expertise to our Funding Department where she collaborates with the lender to ensure prompt funding of purchase transactions.  Michelle resides in Central Jersey with her husband and children.  For any matters concerning the Funding and Post-Closing of a file, click here


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Angela A.

Director of Marketing

Angela A. has worked as a Marketing Expert & Graphic Designer, specifically in Real Estate, for over 9 years. She received her BFA in Graphic Design at The College of New Jersey in 2011 and started assisting Real Estate Agents with their marketing goals in 2013 as part of Chris Brown’s title company team. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband and 2 young sons.  If you are a Realtor or Lender and want to partner with ClosePoint USA in joint marketing projects, click here

New Order Team for Purchases, Refinances, Seller Processing

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Christy D.

New Order Team Member

Assistant Settlement Manager Team

For title endorsements, title quotes and binder amendments email


Amanda G.

Assistant Settlement Manager Team Member

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Marissa D.

Assistant Settlement Manager Team Member

Customer Service Representative

Lisa L.

Customer Service Representative

ClosePoint Headshots-_0025_P1002157.jpg

Transaction Coordinator Team

Real Estate Agents that require transaction support, please email


Donna H.

Transaction Coordinator Team Member


Ruth G.

Transaction Coordinator Team Member

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