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Company Divisions and Services

ClosePoint USA’s mission is to aggregate their human resources and technology to provide an efficient and seamless closing process for the Buyer and Seller as well as our partnered Title Agencies, Referral Partners, Attorneys and Lenders.


Settlement Co. Division

ClosePoint USA, LLC currently provides real estate settlement services throughout the State of NJ and the Commonwealth of PA.


The Company has been vetted by

for your peace of mind.


Our responsibilities include but are not limited to being the hub of communication between all parties, preparing all closing documents, ensuring the Close Disclosure and the ALTA Statement are accurate to lender instructions and to the Contract of Sale. We handle all escrow functions concerning the disbursement of closing proceeds to all parties to the transaction. 

We have also partnered with

as our wire instruction verification vendor to help eliminate wire fraud.  Our Team is dedicated to providing our Clients and Referral Partners with superior customer care through open communication and transparency. We are not attorneys or CPAs at ClosePoint USA, so we do not and cannot provide any legal or tax advice, you should always consult a licensed Attorney or Certified Public Accountant when selling or buying a home.


Our Settlement Fees ranges from $425.00 to $575.00, depending on the type of transaction we are conducting (Loan Refinance, Cash Purchase or Purchase with a Mortgage).


If you are in need of Settlement Services for your Refinance or Purchase transaction, please email


Seller Processing Division

ClosePoint USA not only handles transactions for clients who are purchasing or refinancing a property but we also handle the processing for a Seller that requires assistance with document preparation, ordering mortgage or title lien payoffs, clearing title objections as well as being the Seller’s go-to with closing procedural questions.  We are not attorneys or CPAs at ClosePoint USA, so we do not provide any legal or tax advice, you should always consult a licensed Attorney or Certified Public Accountant when selling or buying a home.

Our base Seller Processing Fee is $350.00 plus $100.00 for an Attorney Prepared Deed.

If you are in need of Seller processing, please email

Selle Prcessig

Transaction Coordinator Division

ClosePoint USA isn’t like any real estate settlement company, our mentality is to always find ways to help our Real Estate Agents to become more productive.  So we decided to create our Transaction Coordinator Platform, where our trained TCs will process, communicate and coordinate the Real Estate transaction for the Listing and Selling Agent.  Currently our Team has processed and coordinated thousands of transactions, from preparing the Contract of Sale to Entering Listings into the MLS.

Our TCs are an incredible asset for a Real Estate Agent to manage today’s complex transactions and allow the Agent to focus on being productive, instead of being bogged down with paperwork. If you are interested in learning more about our Transaction Coordinator services, please email


Listing Transaction Fee: $350.00


Purchase Transaction Fee: $400.00


Dotloop Monthly Fee: $20.00


Dotloop Account: Our Transaction Coordinator Platform is based on Dotloop. The ClosePoint USA Dotloop account has a complete library of forms necessary to conduct business in the State of NJ and the Commonwealth of PA and has access to expand the ClosePoint DotLoop Library to every other State. If you are interested in using our TC service platform, a Dotloop Account will be created within our Dotloop platform. The monthly fee for Dotloop is $20.00, which is approximately $12.00 less a month then the going rate with DotLoop. If you decide to leave the TC Platform and want all of your documents from your Dotloop account, we can transfer all documents to your DropBox Account for future access as well as to transfer the documents into your own, private Dotloop Account. Please refer to our Transaction Coordinator Platform User Agreement for additional terms and conditions.

ClosePointUSA TC App QR Code.png

Marketing Division

ClosePoint USA loves to co-market our brand with Real Estate Professionals. We enjoy it so much that we partnered with LEAD GEN XYZ, LLC. 


LEAD GEN XYZ, LLC provides today’s Real Estate Professional with amazing direct marketing resources at extremely streamlined costs, without giving up quality. We currently offer direct mail options, flyers, digital content and more! These marketing services are exclusively for our partners and real estate agents we work with and are within a MEMBERS ONLY section of our website. 

Please email for any questions.

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