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Updated: Mar 29

A Stone Mountain couple said they were forced out of their home after someone stole it from them in a case of fraud.

This is an absolute disgrace and this is happening all over the Country. Protect yourself with an Enhanced Title Policy when you purchase your home. Talk to us about the coverages that go past your closing and for as long as you own your home.

Allman said a man used fraudulent documents to take over her property. To make matters worse, her husband was arrested for refusing to leave.

Getting the Standard Title Policy when purchasing your home only protects you from fraud and forgery UP TO YOUR CLOSING DATE. By getting the Enhanced Title Policy, you are protected against any FUTURE fraud attempts AFTER YOUR CLOSING DATE in addition to any issues that arise before you close.

“It’s too easy to forge a deed and record it,” Alembik said. “It’s a big problem nowadays, because of the fact that e-filing, the e-recording of deeds is so easy. It’s very easy to record forged deeds.”

Deed fraud, unfortunately, is a common problem now across the entire United States and we want to educate potential home buyers so they can protect themselves. If you are currently in search of a home in NJ or PA and are interested in obtaining a free title quote, please contact us!

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