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Fraud Alert! Fraudulent Deed

The Vacant Land at Arbor Place and Press, Pemberton Township, NJ is NOT FOR SALE

Another example of vacant property seller impersonation fraud has been discovered. We previously advised CATIC Title agents and their attorney applicants about the rise of vacant land fraud. We have cautioned against dealing with sellers who never personally appear and deal only by text message, email, voicemail, or other remote communication methods. CATIC Title is seeing frequent examples of seller impersonation, especially in sales of vacant building lots or non-owner-occupied premises.

Seller impersonation fraud on sales of vacant property has been occurring with such frequency, that we must now require that agents send a notice to the address on file in the municipal tax office advising that a sale transaction is in progress and requesting confirmation that the property is, in fact, the subject of a valid contract of sale. All CATIC Title agents are warned against accepting a title order for the Vacant Land at Arbor Place and Press, Pemberton Township, NJ known as Block 435 Lot 1 and Block 452 Lot 42 owned by Harrison Horn.

CATIC Title underwriters are always available to assist in any way we can, including vetting transactions for fraud using several effective methods and techniques and by offering online identity verification tools and safeguards. Be careful out there!

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