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A title search for real estate is the process of examining public records related to the property and reviewing existing documents to confirm that the person who sells property is the rightful owner who has a right to sell it. Ordering a title search is essential for prospective home buyers to ensure the property they are purchasing has a free and clear title. Any claims or liens on a property could adversely affect the purchase.


Here are our current Search Products and additional add-ons (please note that it could take up to 5 business days for delivery unless the Rush Delivery option is chosen):

BASE SEARCH OPTION 1: Current Owner Deed Search and Copy $50.00

Includes Current Owner Deed only.

BASE SEARCH OPTION 2: Current Owner Search and Copies $125.00

Includes Current Owner Deed of Record, Mortgages, Judgments.

BASE SEARCH OPTION 3: Full 60 Year Search and Copies $225.00

Includes all Deeds, Mortgages, Judgments, Easements, Restrictions, Master Deed (if a condo) for the last 60 years of record in the County Clerk’s office and Surrogate's Court); no examination or report of title included.

ADD ON: Examination and Report of Title $100.00

Includes review of the searches by a Title Examiner, who produces a Report of Title; this Report will define the current owner of the property and identify any title defects and/or encumbrances against the subject property, including voluntary and involuntary liens.

ADD ON: Rush Delivery $50.00

RUSH DELIVERY reduces delivery time to 2 business days from date of order.


Payments are accepted via credit card or PayPal.

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