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Shaking Hands

Transaction Coordinator Services to Buyer’s Agent (Checklist)

Create new loop in DotLoop

Prepare agency agreement, if requested by Agent

Prepare offer to purchase, if requested by Agent

Receive and download pre-approval letter or proof of funds to DotLoop

Prepare contract of sale per terms provided by Agent and cooperating Agent, distribute or signature (TC contacts co-op only as needed)


Provide listing agent with buyer, mortgage company, title company, down payment information for contract preparation and confirm signed by buyer and buyer’s agent

Confirm delivery of Seller’s Property Disclosure to the buyer

Pull tax record and validate seller ownership to tax record

OPRA reports, upload to DotLoop, SkySlope and inform Agent upon receipt

Request from Seller: HOA by-laws, preferably in electronic format; utility service


Order buyer title services with ClosePoint USA as Settlement Provider and Title

Insurance from the appropriate Title Agency

Order and provide HOA by-laws obtained from Seller upon receipt, if applicable.

Congratulatory email to Buyers, with the following dates/information:

Instructions on how to obtain, deliver earnest deposit

Conclusion of attorney review

Deadline for home inspection completion

Deadline for mortgage commitment

Title contact info – will coordinate with buyer, mortgage company to prepare closing documents, schedule settlement and inform of cash requirements for day of closing

Obtain homeowner’s insurance and provide to mortgage company

Contact utility service providers to request new service

Schedule inspection for CO, fire certification – ONLY IF BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE

Projected settlement date

Confirm status change in MLS

Receive and upload copy of EMD

Receive and upload mortgage commitment, provide to co-op agent if requested

Prepare requested addendums/amendments/extensions to the contract of sale,

disseminate for signature

Upload inspection reports

Upload appraisal, if received


Confirm Commission Statement to buyer’s title company two weeks prior to close; match to contract terms; request revisions if/as needed

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